Best Makeup Shops Online in India for Genuine Branded Products

Are you a makeup lover? Well, I’m pretty sure then you would have bought local or bad-quality makeup items from any makeup shop online at any part of the time in your life. Buying genuine and authentic makeup products online is one of the most challenging tasks in this era. 

As we know, so many companies are competing with each other online and to earn a decent amount of revenue they often sell low-quality makeup products. It’s pretty tough to find a makeup shop online that sells genuine & authentic products. 

Understanding this problem, we compiled a list of trusted & recognized makeup shops online that you can look up to fulfil your makeup needs. These online makeup stores have been recognized by millions of makeup lovers and established a satisfactory reputation in the makeup industry. 

So, if you are searching for your new makeup destination grab a cup of coffee and stick with this article. Your makeup shopping will be easy after this.

Makeups are one of the most essential needs of women. They just can’t live without makeup. There is a quote saying ‘Wake up & Makeup’. It perfectly suits every woman. 😉 Jokes apart! 

But Yaaa!!!! They just enjoy wearing makeup and there is nothing wrong with it. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? But at the same time, it is necessary that you buy genuine & authentic & trusted makeup products.

As we all know, countless makeup products are traded in the market. They can harm & damage your skin significantly. A local & bad-quality makeup product is something that you should avoid using under all conditions. But the problem is, whom to trust? This problem becomes more challenging in online makeup shops where you can’t feel & see the products in real life. 

But no worries, it is no more challenging especially when you have ProductKhojo around your side. After reading this article, you will be familiar with some of the best makeup stores that sell genuine, authentic & branded makeup products. It’s already late so without spending any time further let’s dive into our list and explore some of the,

Established in 2021, an emerging online makeup store that sells genuine & branded makeup products. You can explore a wide range of makeup & cosmetic products at their online store. When we were researching, we visited this website and found their eyeshadows & highlighters collection very interesting. You can head over to MakeupOcean to buy all types of makeup products. The most interesting thing we have found in this store is their attractive prices. They are offering authentic branded products at the cheapest prices. If you wish to buy premium quality makeup products you want MakeupOcean to be in your research makeup platform. 

Who doesn’t know Nykaa? We don’t think they need any introduction. Undoubtedly, Nykaa is one of the most recognized shops of makeup to buy online. They have all types of makeup products that perfectly render your makeup needs. Their vast collection attracts millions of makeup lovers to shop from them. You can visit Nykaa to explore some outstanding makeup products. They have also started selling their personal labelled products that have been positively appreciated by their customers. Note, our personal recommendation would be to check the product price with MakeupOcean before buying from Nykaa as we have checked it had beaten all websites including Nykaa in terms of prices. Nykaa also has a makeup shopping app that is available on both Android & iOS.

3. Purplle

This portal also offers very attractive makeup products. You can explore a wide range of makeup & beauty care products at Purplle. You can find so many attractive offers on makeup products at Purplle. You can find all makeup items including Eyeshadow Palette, Mascara, Eyeliner, Highlighters, Foundations, Primer, Kajal, Concealer, Contours & so on. So, no more waiting!!!! You can start buying your makeup products from Purplle today. Our recommendation for Purplle would be the same as Nykaa. Compare the product price with other portals, especially MakeupOcean. It can save you some extra bucks. 

4. MyGlamm

Manish Malhotra – Yes, that Indian Fashion Designer!! You can buy Manish Malhotra beauty products at MyGlamm. It is an online makeup shop that sells International Makeup & Cosmetics products. As per their words ‘MyGlamm products have been created to simplify a woman’s makeup routine’. The product’s prices are quite expensive but at the same time, they also offer the most premium quality makeup products. So, it is worth buying from MyGlamm. You can add it to your list if prices are not an issue with you. 

So, these are some of the best makeup stores available online that sell legitimate & branded makeup products. Add it to your online makeup store list and consider buying from these platforms. If there is something that I missed out then please share it by leaving a comment. Apart from that, also share your opinions about these platforms. Have you bought the makeup product earlier from any of these websites? I would love to hear from you.

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