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Best Yoga Mats in India available online in 2022

Hey everyone, 

Are you looking for the best yoga mats in India available online? Well, no need to look around further, today I will be sharing the top 5 Best Yoga Mats in India you can buy at Amazon.  

But before that, let’s discuss why you need a yoga mat.

A good yoga mat improves your yoga session significantly. It gives proper cushioning & support to your hips, knees and elbows and also gives keeps you protected from any kind of injury.

A quality yoga mat can make your workout session remarkable. It gives you comfort and makes sure that you are focusing only on your yoga. 

Is it easy to buy a good brand yoga mat? 

Buying a good quality brand yoga mat online is a daunting task and you need to do a lot of research and comparison before buying any mat. 


if you are a beginner you might be thinking what factors should I look at when buying a yoga mat? So, let’s discuss that too first. Here are some of the important elements that you should take into consideration before buying a yoga mat.

Is the yoga mat thick enough?

You should buy a yoga mat that is thick enough to provide ample cushioning and support from the surface. Generally, yoga mats are ranges from 4mm to 8mm. But there are some mats such as AmazonBasics 13mm Yoga Mat that provides extra board thickness.

The Material of the Mat

Most of the yoga mats are made up of (Polychloride vinyl) PVC.

The PVC-composed mats provide extra grip and are durable and resilient. It contains chemicals. So, you might smell a chemical odour if you buy a PVC mat especially when it is new.

Let me also clear one query here that is PVC mats eco-friendly?

The answer is No, PVC composed mats are not eco-friendly. It is made up of many chemical reactions and that is not good for the environment.

Which material mat should you buy? 

If you have any allergies to chemical products, I suggest you buy Rubber Yoga Mats. They are biodegradable and safe for use. But, if your budget is low and you don’t have any problem using chemically composed products then you can buy PVC mats.

The stickiness of the Mat

Why do I mention this? Because it is related to safety and necessary to be considered.

Buy a mat that has an excellent sticky surface because that will protect you from slipping when you are practising Yoga like Eka Hasta Vrksasana, Sirsa Padasana, Pungu Mayurasana and other challenging yoga poses.

But remember, buying a good exercise mat especially online is a very time-consuming task and requires proper research & comparison. You need lots of patience & time to define a good yoga mat for yourself. 

The texture of the Mat

Make sure the texture of the mat doesn’t bother you. You should feel comfortable and relaxed while sitting down on the mat.

To be honest, that’s a lot. You need to go through thousands of products to find the right yoga mat that complies with all these features.

To help you out, we have already compiled a list that will help you in buying a perfect yoga mat for yourself.  We have already walked a lot so without wasting any further time let’s dive into our list of,

Best Yoga Mats in India in 2022 on Amazon

1. BOLDFIT Pro Grip Yoga Mat

Bold Yoga Mat India

Our list starts with BOLDFIT Yoga Mat. A quality yoga mat that offers premium features at a convenient price.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most durable yoga mats constructed with TPE foam and offers the size of 6 feet in height and 2 feet in width.

To easily transport it with yourself, you get a free yoga bag along with it. Its sticky grip surface allows you to hold difficult yoga poses even on a slippery surface.

You can also use it for other purposes including workouts, exercises, stretching and Yoga.

As I mentioned earlier, it is manufactured with high-quality Thermoplastic Elastomer and we all know TPE material is eco-friendly and maximum durable. It also has Anti-Slip and Anti-features that ensures it will stay long with you.

Its 6mm thickness gives you proper cushioning to your body on the floor.

Addition to this, its fascinating luxury pattern inspires you to do yoga every day. Overall, it is a good yoga mat available in India.

Key Features:

  • Fascinating design
  • composed of premium quality TPE Material
  • Free Yoga Mat Bag available along with it
  • Eo-friendly and highly durable

2. AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Broad Yoga Mat India

AmazonBasics Best Yoga Mats India

AmazonBasics products are amazon’s private labelled products. This Yoga Mat can enhance your yoga workout up to the next level. Talking about the thickness, it gives you 13mm of extra broader sustainable thickness for ample support & cushioning to your body and keeps you focused on your Yoga poses. It is built with Steel Standard foam with an anti-skid surface on one side.

It is a lightweight yoga mat so you won’t feel any stress carrying it. Additionally, you get a free strap to comfortably carry it with you.

This yoga mat has 5000+ positive reviews on Amazon and is one of the finest yoga mats in India.

Key Features:

  • The broader thickness for proper cushioning on a hard surface
  • free carry strap
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • a good amount of positive reviews on Amazon

3. Ozoy 13mm Thick Yoga Mat Online

Exercise Mats Online

This Ozoy Yoga mat offers top quality features at a very convenient rate. It gives 13mm of extra thickness cushioning that will give you a feeling that you are not on the floor. You can hold any posture on this exercise cum Yoga mat without any hesitation. Its extra thickness provides extra comfort to your body. You can enjoy each asana on this yoga mat. 

It has textured grip for stickiness and water-resistant so you can easily wash it with soap and water. You also get a free carry strap along with this exercise mat so you will not face any problem in carrying it. It is a perfect yoga mat for floor exercises.

Key Features:

  • 13mm extra thickness for reliable comfort
  • washable mat
  • free carry strap comes along with this yoga mat
  • it provides sustainable cushioning for floor exercises

4. Reebok RAYG Yoga Mat India

exercise mats online

It is one of the best exercise mat available on Amazon. As we all know, Reebok is well-known for its quality and the same thing you can find in this Exercise mat. This mat gives you good cushioning & support and delivers solid grounding. 

Its non-slippy texture allows you to hold your body at any position without the risk of slipping. It has 4 mm of broad thickness that ensures you feel comfortable on it. It is very lightweight so you can easily carry it with yourself without any stress. 

It has a good amount of positive ratings on Amazon so if you are looking for a reliable exercise mat you that is backed by a known brand you can go with this mat. 

Key Features:

  • the non-slippy surface makes it slip-free
  • composed of quality material
  • light in weight so you can easily carry it without any hassle
  • backed by a known brand

5. VIFITKIT Exercise & Yoga Mat Online

Online Exercise Mats

Next Yoga mat in our list is presented by VIFITKIT. Undoubtedly, VITFIT is one of the best yoga mat brands in India. This Yoga mat has 2800+ ratings on & No. 1 bestseller in Yoga Mat category. It is composed of high-density foam material and perfect for men & women.

It has EVA material that is highly durable and eco-friendly. Talking about thickness, you can choose different thickness options according to your requirement. It ranges 3mm to 10 mm of thickness size for ample support. 

It has moisture resistant technology that makes this exercise mat is sweat resistant so you don’t need to wash it often to keep it odour free. It is one of the best yoga mat available online in India. 

Key Features:

  • adequate support for comfort & ease
  • moisture resistant technology to keep it sweat-free
  • Washable with soap and water
  • high-density EVA foam makes it durable & long-lasting

6. CRAFTSY Premium Standard Yoga Mat

exercise mats online

This Yoga mat comes with 6mm of thickness that is suitable for all types of exercise, yoga, workout, and stretchings. You will get a very comfortable experience and perfect cushioning while sitting on this premium exercise mat. It has an anti-tear net that keeps it long-lasting and an Anti-skid top layer for support and grip.  

It is perfect for all types of exercises. It is an eco-friendly Yoga mat and doesn’t contain latex or any toxic material. Talking about its dimension, it is 24 inches wide and 72 inches long so even a long height person can easily do all types of stretching without any problem. 

Its double TPE material makes this exercise mat more reliable. You can do all types of yoga including Eka Hasta Vrksasana, Sirsa Padasana, Kala Bhairavasana, Taraksvasana on this awesome Yoga Mat.  

Special Features:

  • TPE material makes it durable, resilient and endurable
  • perfect for all types of yoga poses
  • Anti-tear and Anti-Skid Surface
  • Wavy Anti-skid bottom for extra grip from floor
  • No harmful substance used to compose it

7. Brandvilla 4mm Extra Thick Yoga Mat Online India 

exercise mat online

This Exercise or Yoga Mat comes with perfect dimension (6 feet long & 2 feet wide) that is comfortable for people of all shapes & sizes. It has 4mm of thickness that gives cushions to your hip, knees, elbow on a hard surface. 

It has anti-slip material that ensures to prevent you from any injury. It has washable material so no need to worry about hygienic. Apart from this, you also get a carry bag along with this yoga mat. 

The best part of this mat is its price. You can buy this exercise mat online at Amazon for just Rs. 499. It has 2100+ reviews on Amazon. 

Special Features:

  • ample thickness support
  • free carry bag available with this Yoga Mat
  • perfect for long height person
  • Available at an affordable price

How to choose the Right Yoga Mat in India?

You have to consider some following elements before buying a yoga mat. If a mat complies all these qualities then definitely its a good exercise mat you can buy it. 

Thickness –
The first and foremost thing you should consider while buying a yoga mat is its thickness. A proper amount of thickness gives you enough padding & cushioning from the floor and prevents you from any kind of injury in case of mischief. A thick yoga mat will also give you comfort on it. 

Material –
Second thing, you should check is the material of the mat. You should check the mat is composed of which material. Mostly, Exercise mats are composed of PVC foam. But, if you are the one who has an allergy of a toxic substance, our personal recommendation would be to go with Rubber Mat as they are composed of natural materials.

Brand –
Well, I would say that you can consider this only if you are a brand lover. If you look in Mat category on Amazon you would see small brands have dominated this category and whitewashed big companies like Reebok & Adidas. 

So, if you are a brand lover who prefers only those items that are backed by a well-known brand then you can check the brand of the mat. 

Price –
It is also one of the important elements that you should check before buying an exercise mat. If you do enough research you can find a perfect yoga mat at your budget. Our above yoga mats list is also compiled with keeping budget on top of our head. 

Benefits of Yoga Mats

There are numerous benefits of Yoga mats. A good mat helps you in the following ways:

    • Unlike hard surface, a yoga mat makes you feel comfortable & relax on it


    • It prevents you from any kind of injury in case of any mischief


    • It also protects you from any Germs that might be on the floor


    • It also protects you from dust 


  • Last but not least, you will be more focused & productive on Yoga mats

Types of Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats comes in different shapes & sizes. And, they are also composed of different foam materials. Here are the types of exercise mats-


Yoga Mats – Generally, people use Yoga Mats as Exercise mats and why not it has all the qualities that you need in your exercise session. It is thick & broad enough to make you feel comfortable. Yoga mats are mostly composed of PVC, Rubber, Cotton & Mesh. 



Pilates Mats – Pilates Mats are more durable than Yoga mats. It is generally composed of TPE(Thermal Plastic Elastomer) and offers half an inch of padding. The best part of these mats is they are not very sticky and you can easily wipe it. 



Professional Fitness Mats – These mats are generally used in Gymnastics. It ranges one to the two-inch thickness and strong enough to absorb any type of shock that might hurt your knees or elbows.



Foam Mats – Foam Mats are also a good option that can be used as an exercise mat. It comes with interlocking edges. The only problem you’ll face with these mats is you have to assemble it every time you want to use it. 

FAQ’s Related to Yoga Mats Online India

Which yoga mat is best to buy?

There are many yoga mats available online in India. But our personal recommendation would be VITFITKIT Yoga Mat. The reason is simple, it is composed of high-quality foam material and 10mm extra thickness gives you extra cushioning and support. It also gives you a comfortable and relaxes feeling. So you can enjoy a productive yoga session on it. 

Is yoga mat necessary?

Well, the answer is No. It is not necessary to have an exercise mat. But, if you want to enhance your yoga experience and make it more productive then you should definitely get one quality yoga mat for yourself. 


I hope you liked this article on Best Yoga Mats available online in 2022. If you find it interesting & useful please share it with your friends.

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