best side-by-side-refrigerators in india

Best Side-by-Side Refrigerator in India

Are you planning to buy the best side-by-side Refrigerator in India? Well, If “Yes” then this article is for you. Today I am going to share the top 10 Best side-by-side doors refrigerators available on Amazon. 

Refrigerators help us to keep our items fresh & healthy. They prevent foods from spoilage and germs. 

There are many types of refrigerator available – double-door refrigerator, single-door refrigerator and side-by-side door refrigerator

Generally, large families are looking for a side-by-side refrigerator. The reason is simple, side-by-side refrigerators give you enough storage capacity to keep your food items fresh & healthy as they have to store more items. 

It has spotted a good amount of recognition in a very short period of time. 

Before starting our list I want to tell you that Side-by-Side Refrigerators are a bit expensive as compared to double-door or single door refrigerators.  

But that doesn’t mean you are going to lose your money. The design, technology, and features it offers give you a full return of your investment. 

So, without any further due let’s start our list of,

Bosch Side by SIde Refrigerator

This side-by-side refrigerator from Bosch offers you a very fancy design with premium features like WiFi connectivity, auto-defrost, Multi Air Flow cooling technology, Air Fresh Filter and Inverter compressor. 

A sustained temperature in the refrigerator means more freshness. The Multiple cooling air vents flow the stream of cool air on every shelf level to create a chilled environment & maintain the ideal temperature to keep your foods fresher for longer. 

Its Inverter compressor sustains the desired temperature effectively with energy-efficient technology that reduces the wastage of energy.

The LED lights bring a brand new lighting concept and provide glare-free interior lighting and the Super Freezing technique protects frozen food from defrosting when new food is added to the freezer, and the new food freezes faster. 

Apart from the other cool and awesome features, the Bosch KAN92VI35I Refrigerator is also freshly stored in the VitaFresh storage compartment to protect the loss of nutrient value in foods. 

Another feature of this refrigerator worth mentioning is, it has an auto-defrost system so the frost does not lay up inside and you don’t need to defrost it manually. Its sleek look, stainless steel finish makes it more classy. 

It also has some additional features such as Fresh Sense, Super Cooling Function, Super Freezing Function and Airfresh filter to absorb the strongest food odours. 

Bosch SBS refrigerator

The refrigerator sections are wide enough to store large items with ease.  Its total capacity is 658 Litre in which 407 Litre is allocated for the fridge and 251 Litre is allocated for the freezer. 

It has two independent cooling circuits for the fridge and freezer, so there will be no conflict of odour mixture and temperature can be handled separately. 

Overall, you can experience the quality, perfection and reliability with this side-by-side door refrigerator of Bosch. It is a real energy saver with compelling features.

LG SBS refrigerator

You can easily stock up and store everything you need in this 600 Litre mega capacity refrigerator. Its wide space gives you the option to better organize your food items. 

It also has a multi cooling air vent system that ensures to circulate & distribute cool air to every space of the refrigerator and every food item in it properly cooled. 

What makes it more compelling is, you can manage it with LG ThinQ.

temperature controller

Means, even if you are away from your home for a long period of time you can easily control & diagnose your LG side-by-side door refrigerator temperature and functions with the help of your smartphone. 

You can set refrigerator temperature, manage Express Freeze, and diagnose your refrigerator with just a click. 

If any issue occurs in your refrigerator you can easily investigate and troubleshoot that issue with Smart Diagnosis. You only need to call LG Customer Support Number and place the phone on the appliance.  The appliance then communicates with a PC that delivers the diagnosis within seconds and provides an immediate solution. 

For keeping up uniform cooling all through the compartments and reliably low temperature, there are different air vents situated at the back of the fridge. 

No matter whether the food is kept in the top or base shelf, its temperature is seen as similarly cold following a couple of hours.

It evaporates excess moisture from food and consolidates on the cross-section instead of puddling around your food. Hence, maintains the right balance of moisture in the box.

LG Fresh Balancer

LG’s one of the best Fresh Balancers keeps the humidity level perfect by sealing the vegetable box. Thus, it keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. 

Apart from this, its Multi Digital Sensors track both the internal and external temperature for the uniform temperature to maintain the quality of food longer. 

Its additional features are Express freezing, Door Alarm, Child Lock, Deodorizer, Multi-Air flow systems. 

Talking about the dimensions, it is 912mm wide and 1,790mm height. As we know, LG is quite a reliable brand and made a good amount of trust among people with its quality.  So, if you are planning to buy a good quality side-by-side door refrigerator, our recommendation is to go with this one. 

Haier Side by Side Refrigerator

This side-by-side refrigerator comes with Twin Inverter Technology that ensures the fan and compressor both run on Direct Current and cause less fluctuations. At the same time, it also reduces noise and saves energy effectively. 

It has a capacity of around 565 Litre in which 218 Litre is allocated for a freezer and 347 Litre is available for Refrigerator which is quite convenient for large families.

This refrigerator has PUF insulation to retain low temperatures efficiently for better cooling. 

It is designed perfectly to accommodate all your refrigerator needs. 

Unlike any other SBS, it is slim enough to easily fit in any modular kitchen because of its slimmest structure and design. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to store wide items in this refrigerator. Instead, you can very easily store wide items without any worries.

Haier 619SS side by side refrigerator inside view

What makes this SBS more captivating, is its efficient compressor. According to Haier, it has a very high efficient compressor that operates very perfectly and the unit consumption of this item is less than a single unit in a day. 

It has spill proof toughened glass shelves that are reliable enough to store heavy items easily.

Its additional features are Child Lock, PUF insulation, No Frost Cooling Technology, and a Digital Control Panel outside of the refrigerator. 

Its Digital Control Panel allows you to easily handle temperature settings from outside of the refrigerator with a new Digital Panel. 

Well, you can happily welcome unplanned parties without any worries of super cool and freeze options in your refrigerator. 

AmazonBasics Side by Side Refrigerator

Next refrigerator in our list is offered by Amazon’s private label brand AmazonBasics. We have observed a very good amount of rating for this refrigerator on Amazon so we decided to list it. 

This side by side door refrigerator has Water Dispenser and Auto Defrost technology that protects excess ice build-ups automatically.

Note: The left side of the refrigerator is Freezer and the right side is a regular fridge.

Its multi airflow system ensures cooling in every storage compartment for consistent cooling. It is attire with a Super Freezer feature that turns water into ice instantly and keeps the food fresh for longer. 

The Twin Cooling system maintains the temperature separately for both fridge and freezer. 

LED light of AmazonBasics Fridge

On the right side above, there is a LED Display with Temperature Controller that gives you the option to set and maintain the right temperature inside the refrigerator. 

Unlike other SBS refrigerators, it doesn’t put too much strain on your budget.

Haier 550 Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Another side-by-side refrigerator in our list is presented by Haier. This SBS refrigerator has no wall partition which grants you to store larger utensils & objects easily. Upperside of the refrigerator is the fridge and the bottom parts are allocated for the freezer. 

It also has Twin Inverter Technology that guarantees both the fan motor and compressor run on Inverter and reduces noise simultaneously. It saves energy and adjusts the cooling supplies on the subject of cooling demand. 

It has a dual humidity box zone in which you can store more vegetables and fruits and gets a long-lasting freshness. 

Talking about the shelves, according to Haier, it can easily hold weight up to 120 Kgs. It means you can also keep processed food in utensils without any worries of breakage. 

The company also claims that it consumes less than 1 unit per day so it means it’s not going to be a burden on your electricity bill. 

It has a very sleek design that will level up your kitchen decor.

Haier 550 SBS refrigerator inside view

The Haier 531 litres French Door Refrigerator also has a Digital Control Panel that means you can handle the temperature of your fridge from outside conveniently. 

It’s No-Frost cooling technology prevents ice-building inside and the multi-air flow cooling system ensures that all items are fresh.

side by side refrigerator in india

This premium side-by-side refrigerator comes with an Auto-defrost operator to prevent frosting. Talking about the space, it offers a 587 Litre capacity that is perfect for more than 5 member families. 

Its efficient Inverter compressor ensures uniform cooling with saving energy. The sound of the refrigerator is also very low. It has 3 shelves constructed with toughened glass. 

Its Super Freeze function immediately maintains the temperature and cools the refrigerator faster than any usual refrigerator.

If we discuss its design, the glossy finish with Gold Glass color makes it stunning. 

The high-quality Glass Door is designed stylishly with an exquisite look and very good quality completion that coordinates with your inside and home stylistic decor. 

You can buy and store big quantity fruits & vegetables as this Lloyd refrigerator offers extra space for it.

Overall, it is a perfect side-by-side refrigerator that can enhance your kitchen lifestyle.

samsung best side by side refrigerator in india

If you are looking for the perfect value for money side by side refrigerator then this product is for you.

This refrigerator has a smart Multi Air Flow system that properly distributes and throws air in all parts.

It is a Moisture Fresher that provides increment with the life expectancy of your food things with the Moisture Fresh Crisper cabinet. 

Worked with a slider that correctly controls dampness levels, you can change the temperature of the case to your ideal level. 

What set this refrigerator apart from its competitor is its Water Dispenser System. You don’t need to open this refrigerator every time you want to have water. You get an in-built water dispenser in the door. 

Its Multi Air Flow system properly throws air in all parts and keeps it frost-free. 

If you compare it with other refrigerators that have similar features, you will find that it is budget-friendly. 

side by side refrigerator india

This Samsung refrigerator comes with Digital Inverter Compressor that smartly adjusts the power and speed. It can save up to 50% energy and won’t burden your electricity bill. 

Its food storage capacity is 431 Litre and 269 Litre Freezer capacity. 

To keep it frost-free, it has defrosted system. 

It is constructed with Stainless Steel material body and shelves is made up of glass. It has a good amount of positive reviews on Amazon. So, if you are in research of a reliable refrigerator you can consider this product. 

Types of Refrigerators

The Haier 531 litres French Door Refrigerator also has a Digital Control Panel that means you can handle the temperature of your fridge from outside conveniently. 

It’s No-Frost cooling technology prevents ice-building inside and the multi-air flow cooling system ensures that all items are fresh.

There are three types of refrigerators available in the market:

Top Freezer Refrigerator: Generally, you see these types of refrigerator in most houses in India. In this refrigerator, Freezer is separated from the fridge and allocated at the top. Some companies give you the option to manage the temperature separately. These refrigerators are affordable and convenient for small families of 4-5 members. 

Side by Side Refrigerators: These refrigerators are a bit expensive and most preferable for large families only. It consumes more space than any other refrigerator. The design of these refrigerators are sleek and stylish and it enhances your kitchen decor. Above, I have already listed the top 5 side-by-side refrigerators available in India. 

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: It is an extremely popular choice among many people. Many people prefer the convenience of the refrigerator section directly and it makes it simple for them to easily get what they are looking for. 

French Door Refrigerator: It is one of the most convenient refrigerators which is designed perfectly. It gives you the option to open the door at a time that minimizes the escape of cool air and prevent the compressor. 

Mini or Single Door Refrigerator: It has less storage capacity as compared to other refrigerators. It is convenient for those who have very small spaces in their kitchen. Unlike a double door refrigerator, it has a freezer section inside of it. 

A Quick Refrigerator Buying Guide

Select a Style & Consider Size

There are many refrigerators available in the market with numerous design options. But among all of them, French-door models are very popular for their high-end decorative design. 

The design of a refrigerator varies from person to person. Some people prefer freezer at the bottom while some prefer it at top. Some prefer double doors, some prefer side-by-side doors, while some prefer french door refrigerators.  

So, first, you have to decide on a convenient style for you. But remember, if you plan for a Side by Side or French Door refrigerator then you must have a large space. 

So, choose the design with the amount of space available at your place.

Size of Families

It is also very important to consider the size of your family before buying a perfect size refrigerator. Generally, single and doors refrigerators are convenient for small families. On contrary to this, french and side by side door refrigerators are preferable for large families. 


You should also keep your budget in mind. As a matter of fact, side-by-side or french door refrigerators are very expensive as compared to single or double door refrigerators. It also consumes much energy. You should buy a side-by-side and french refrigerator only if you have a large family. 

FAQs Related to Side by Side Refrigerator

Q. Which side by side refrigerator is best?

Well, it depends upon many factors such as budget, space, brand and many more. I have shared the top 5 side by side refrigerator in the above article. You can read the complete guide to find the best one for you.

Q. How many watts does a side by side refrigerator use?

It depends upon the compressor used in the refrigerator. However, Haier claims that their refrigerator consumes less than one unit per day.

Is a side by side fridge good?

If you have a large family then definitely it is a good option for you. But, it is not preferable for small families because it is very expensive and they won’t be able to utilize all the spaces in the refrigerator.


I hope you liked our article. If you find it useful please share it on your social media platforms. Let us know your favourite refrigerator from the above list in the comment section.

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